Accidente Cerebrovascular

What is a stroke?

A stroke is a neurological event where one of the many blood vessels to the brain clots or ruptures. The cells of the nervous system, neurons, need a constant supply of oxygen and other essential nutrients like sugar (glucose) to stay alive. If a neuron does not have access to oxygen for even a few minutes, it begins to die and once a neuron dies (with very few exceptions), it is not replaced. Click below to learn about the different types of stroke and the lasting effects they may cause.

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Stroke signs and symptoms

A stroke comes about very suddenly and the signs of one can be extremely subtle. Click below to learn more about what those signs are and what steps you should take if you ever see them.

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Stroke Prevention

4 out of every 5 strokes is preventable. Click below to learn more about how lifestyle and nutrition changes can help to prevent a stroke.

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